Your body knows best

I am a Plant based vegan (apart from the occasional eggs) I’m also gluten free and refined sugar free.  I have a short list of other things that don’t agree with me, like tomatoes and dates.

The more I detoxified and cleaned up my body, my awareness of what makes me feel good or not has developed.


When I eat tomatoes, my face ends up looking like one, red and clammy.

I got the same reaction in work, after enjoying my lunch. After many attempts to eliminate one item at a time the reaction remained.  I decided to try a hair analysis test, and it showed that I had a sensitivity to dates.  Which all  made sense, there I was trying to work out what was the issue with my lunch and didn’t think about the date based protein bar that I would enjoy after.

Before I woke up to this realisation of you really are what you eat, I would always bloat after eating, and never bat an eyelid.  ‘It’s ok, I always bloat, it’s normal for me’.  That’s a belief to many, because we’re used to a feeling it becomes ok, a part of you.  Why don’t we question things? Why don’t we listen to our bodies?

If you bloat then ask why, try to associate it with what you’ve been eating.  ‘Bread makes me bloat’ how many times have I heard this?  It’s probably a sign that you have a gluten sensitivity.  It’s definitely a sign to stop eating bread, as your body is showing you that it doesn’t agree with it.  If we keep eating things that aren’t serving the body, inflammation will occur and this is where illness appears.

Surely, Prevention is better than cure?

Trouble is as a society, we have become to believe that we can eat what we want, and when we get ill, as a consequence, the NHS will sort us out.  Now when we are told that there is a waiting list, the claws come out and badmouthing the system begins.

What if we played a part? What if we took responsibility? What if we take back control for our health?

I am a Naturopathic nutrition adviser, but you don’t need to be an expert in the field to get the basics right.  To begin (and all we need to do it begin) we must listen to our bodies and be mindful of what we eat and how we feel.




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