Going with the flow in Glastonbury

I have just finished reading ‘feel the fear and do it anyways’ and cant believe I haven’t read it before now. I have learnt a lot about myself, how I think and react. The book is full of practical tools to implement into your daily routine, in order to gain power and control of your life.

Saying this, close to the end of the book, Susan Jeffers states the importance of going with the flow of life, accepting that not everything can not be controlled.

Despite of not having control of things like the weather, a friend turning up late or a power cut as your favourite program is about to start. You do have control over how you decide to respond to these events.

June 18th (this post has been held up) was my birthday weekend, if you read my blog post a year ago, you will know why i believe it is important to celebrate every birthday.

My friend Nia and I packed the car and headed off to Glastonbury. In the week leading up to the weekend, we suggested a few ideas to each other, of things to do. Every reply ended with go with the flow, which led us to use this theme for the weekend.

I was 10 minutes into my drive down the m4, when Nia flashed up on the screen. Her kitten had been taken to the vets unexpectedly and had been put to sleep.

My initial response was to let Nia know that it was understandable if she didn’t want to go away for the weekend. As i waited at Swansea services for a decision from Nia, I made a plan B in my head, one that i would be happy with if Nia decided it would be best to give plan A a miss.

I had just come across this tool of win win mode in the book feel the fear and do it anyway, when you are faced with a decision, list the positives in both scenarios which means you will be happy with either.

The Glastonbury trip went ahead and despite our late set off, this was no bother as we had already decided that we will go with the flow.

I watched as Nia put up the tent single handedly (you think that I enjoy a challenge, you haven’t met Nia) yes i wished that i was able to get up and help her but I kept my focus away from that thought, what I haven’t got, and fixed it on being grateful that i have an amazing friend.

I fell in love with Glastonbury. I don’t think it would be possible to spend the weekend there doing anything other than going with the flow. There was not a feeling of stress and tension to be had, only a feeling of peace.  My awareness of the Universe working for me was heightened.

As we walked back towards town, after a visit to the beautiful Chalice Wells, we arrived at the corner of the street when the skies opened and dropped a week of rain in ten minutes. Around the corner, we could see the heavy rain blowing down, at a slight angle, and as we stood closely behind a building, the rain fell down inches to the side of us. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Nia and I both smiled with gratitude.

As we had no specific plans, we weren’t clock watching.  We went for a coffee and were there two hours later, developing plans for a new business adventure (watch this space;)) As we drove to find Wells, we drove passed the bottom of the Tor, where I told Nia to park up and experience the walk up (of course she did check out the route and possibility of pushing me up, told you she liked a challenge, but a few too many steps)

We decided to drive to the National Park to watch the sunset, whilst drinking kombucha. Everything fell into place, and we had a full weekend without planning.

It was an amazing weekend, and I have embedded the idea of going with the flow into my soul and, as with the weekend, it’s giving me a great sense of peace.  No predicting, trusting that everything is happening for your benefit, accepting that where you are, each moment,  is where you are meant to be.

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