Free hugs

Back in the summer, as I wheeled down Glastonbury high street, two people stood with a sign ‘Free hugs’ and a warm inviting smile of kindness. This smile reflected onto my face and I opened my arms wide. The man ran towards me and we shared a cwtch.

My friend joined in with the event, and as we walked away beaming we were amazed with how a small act of kindness and connection can alter your mood in a second.

This moment played on my mind all day, I had to take it home.

I put a post out on facebook, sharing my idea and asking for volunteers to join me. I was surprised when three friends got back to me straight with a convincing yes.

I did have doubts and resistance about going to our local town. Would they welcome the hugs or just think we’re crazy. But that was judgment on my part and had to trust in my reason of wanting to do it – Wanting to spread love and connection, to show with a simple hug that everyone matters.

The reaction we received on the day was wonderful. Yes, some refused a hug with a blunt no thanks, but hearing people say ‘you’ve made my day’ ‘this is what I need today’

What became clear was how much we always believe there must be a catch, nothing can be given for free, surely not? Many asked us ‘what’s it for?’ It was an experience to see their shocked faces when we’d say we had just given up our time to come out and help make people smile.

We loved giving so much that we have decided to hold a monthly free hug event. Please get in touch if you want to join us in the Carmarthenshire area

Benefits of Mindfulness

During the fist few month of growing from depression, I was so blessed to be guided towards Mindfulness. It was something that had been introduced to me in a book. Couple of weeks later, I met someone ‘randomly’ at a works event, whom after a very brief chat told me , if I got the chance to do an 8 weeks mindfulness course, I should!  The sign was clear, I got home and booked myself on the Cardiff course with Vicki Worsley.

I loved everything  about the course, from meeting like minded individuals, group discussions, group meditation and most of all knowing that I wasn’t alone, everyone has their challenges.

I took so much learning from the course, my awareness of others and myself grew. I became compassionate towards myself and others. It helped me to respond to challenges instead of reacting.  It taught me to keep the small issues small and kept me in touch with what really matters.

People question how I keep a positive attitude, it is because I put the work in and self care is my priority.  Truth is, as much as people care for you, you are the only one that can change your life.

Take control, take back the power, take responsibility.

Here’s an interview with my amazing teacher, Vicki Worsley, explaining all about Mindfulness and it’s benefits.

Human on Wheels: Greenman Festival Accessibility

Friday August 17th 2018

I left work at 12.30pm, had packed the car in the morning, so drove straight to collect my friend, Nia, from Cardiff.

Nia piled her things in the car, including the essential: tent.  This was our first time at Greenman, we had heard a lot of good things so thought it was time to experience it for ourselves.

In this video I share my experience of the accessibility of Greenman Festival.

Bird shit

Three years ago, I headed towards Heron Lake for Access Adventure’s water-ski camp.  I had such an amazing weekend, and I left wearing the biggest smile.  But Ataxia has a way of reminding me that it’s still here, and i was wiped out with exhaustion and a cold for the following few days.

Naturopathy came into my  life, and my healing journey began.  As I’ve cleaned up my diet, to mainly plant based vegan, other things in my life have cleaned up. It is true that when you work on your body, it bring clarity to work on mind and then spirit. Continue reading “Bird shit”

Going with the flow in Glastonbury

I have just finished reading ‘feel the fear and do it anyways’ and cant believe I haven’t read it before now. I have learnt a lot about myself, how I think and react. The book is full of practical tools to implement into your daily routine, in order to gain power and control of your life.

Saying this, close to the end of the book, Susan Jeffers states the importance of going with the flow of life, accepting that not everything can not be controlled.

Despite of not having control of things like the weather, a friend turning up late or a power cut as your favourite program is about to start. You do have control over how you decide to respond to these events. Continue reading “Going with the flow in Glastonbury”

Human On Wheels goes Coasteering

Human on wheels goes coasteering with Celtic quest

I gave a shout out for outdoor adventure companies in Pembrokeshire to invite me along to blog about their accessibility.

Within seconds of circulating the email I received an enthusiastic reply from Cleopatra Browne at Celtic quest.  Cleo said. That their accessibility wasn’t all bells and whistles but they will make it the best experience possible, her words were:

‘Open mind, sense of adventure and some warm clothes for afterwards!!’ Continue reading “Human On Wheels goes Coasteering”

Wellbeing Adventure: Part 1 Steve Roger Philips ‘The Warrior of Peace’

Wellbeing adventure is a series where I interview all the people who help and inspire me to work body, mind and spirit.

In this first episode I interview Steve Rodger Phillips, The warrior of peace about his journey from his father’s death when he was only 13, to finding his spirituality and working on himself and helping others with self development.

Link for Steve:


Naturopathic School of Nutrition:

Don’t tell me I can’t!

Tina smiles at the camera, caption on image says: "don't give up just because of what soemone says. Use that as motivation to push harder"

Telling me that I can’t, motivates me to prove that I can!

‘Your test results show that you have Friedreich’s Ataxia..

…down the line patients can’t work…..can’t drive…..can’t live independently….’

Much of my diagnosis was a blur, but the repeated word that resounded in my head was CAN’T.

At a time when I needed some kind of hope, my head was just being filled by a negative word.

Continue reading “Don’t tell me I can’t!”

Vlog: Playing outdoors

Tina smiling with thumbs up

I have had a busy but fun month, letting my hair down and doing things that make me happy and feed my wellbeing right.  Here’s a vlog I made last weekend during a camping trip, spent outdoors in the fresh air, soaking in the vitamin D.