Don’t tell me I can’t!

Tina smiles at the camera, caption on image says: "don't give up just because of what soemone says. Use that as motivation to push harder"

Telling me that I can’t, motivates me to prove that I can!

‘Your test results show that you have Friedreich’s Ataxia..

…down the line patients can’t work…..can’t drive…..can’t live independently….’

Much of my diagnosis was a blur, but the repeated word that resounded in my head was CAN’T.

At a time when I needed some kind of hope, my head was just being filled by a negative word.

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Vlog: Playing outdoors

Tina smiling with thumbs up

I have had a busy but fun month, letting my hair down and doing things that make me happy and feed my wellbeing right.  Here’s a vlog I made last weekend during a camping trip, spent outdoors in the fresh air, soaking in the vitamin D.

They keep telling me ‘You’re allowed treats’

As you know I eat clean, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar-free. I sometimes cheat, if I’m at a restaurant with no healthy alternatives.  But as I’m learning to listen to my body, I instantly feel the effects of going off track, this keeps me motivated to be pretty consistent.

When the waiter asks at a restaurant ‘could I tempt you with the dessert menu?’ my reply will normally be ‘no, I’m ok thanks’ and the next words that usually follow from the table are ‘go on you’re allowed a treat’

Why do we deserve a treat? Isn’t it just like a bribe? Do something good and you’ll get a treat?

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It’s my birthday, I’ll laugh if I want to!

Tina smiling with thumbs up

First blog post.  Well what better timing than on my birthday….ok few days after but close enough.

It was my 32nd birthday. 32 years of being alive. Worth celebrating, right?

I was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia at the age of 16, a life-limiting condition.  Instead of seeing this as a negative, I have and continue to live life to the fullest and try not to take it for granted. Every birthday since I have always made plans to celebrate.

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