They keep telling me ‘You’re allowed treats’

As you know I eat clean, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar-free. I sometimes cheat, if I’m at a restaurant with no healthy alternatives.  But as I’m learning to listen to my body, I instantly feel the effects of going off track, this keeps me motivated to be pretty consistent.

When the waiter asks at a restaurant ‘could I tempt you with the dessert menu?’ my reply will normally be ‘no, I’m ok thanks’ and the next words that usually follow from the table are ‘go on you’re allowed a treat’

Why do we deserve a treat? Isn’t it just like a bribe? Do something good and you’ll get a treat?

‘I know it’s not good for me but I’ve had a tough day, I deserve it.’ Sure you’re familiar with that complex sentence. Let’s think about it, you know it’s not good for you but you’ll eat the sugar just for that 30mins high kick.  After this it’ll drop you down to feel the same or worse than you felt before.

‘If you’re a good girl you’ll have a treat, we’ll go for an ice cream.’ ‘

You’ve been a good boy to grandma here’s a treat, sweets.’

We are brought up with this idea that a treat is something wonderful.  I do get something wonderful from my healthy lifestyle, my health, which for me is much more sustainable than a 30 mins kick.

I’m not saying that we don’t deserve to do something nice for ourselves, of course we do, but think of the consequences, is it a treat that will treat you well.

I keep reminding myself that I’m in control of changing my habits, and even though I hear these words often I thought of a different way of ‘treating’ myself on the weekend.

I’m currently working on some project ideas which revolve around filming and photography, and I have been debating for a while on whether to upgrade my equipment.  After a morning of brainstorming ideas with my talented friend, Natasha, I felt excited about these future developments

So the next stop was Jessops Cardiff, to browse some equipment.  After a few seconds in the shop I was approached by Mary, the shop assistant who demonstrated her knowledge of what I needed, and I instantly felt in capable hands.  Another assistant joined in, Hannah, between the both they had great knowledge and experience with filming and blogging which built my confidence in taking their advice

I had started researching the best cameras, on youtube, but from the 10ish videos I watched they all suggested different cameras, which confused me even more.  If you’re totally new to cameras like me, I highly advise you to into a shop to speak with someone direct.

I left the shop with a new camera. I had been saving for this, I had done my research, and it’s not a quick fix, if I’m allowed treats then I choose one that is sustainable and will contribute to my growth.

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